Stochastic Screening Explained

It’s all about the dots! You’ve probably noticed the dot pattern that creates the colors in conventional full color printing. Conventional color halftones use dots of varying sizes, equally spaced in a rigid, grid-like pattern. If you look closely, you can see the “rosette” arrangement of the dots. The stochastic screening process uses tiny dots of ink, much smaller in size than those used in conventional screening. The dots are randomly arranged across the printing surface, producing a continuous tone – similar to the look of a photograph. The tiny dots in stochastic screening do not vary in size, and are arranged by computer in a random pattern. (The word stochastic means “involving a random variable”.) Stochastic screening allows us to print richer colors, sharper images, and finer detail with consistently better overall quality. PPI Graphics utilizes both conventional and stochastic screening processes, depending on your printing requirements. If you want vibrant colors, distinct images and near-photographic quality, our stochastic technology is definitely for you.


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