PPI Graphics enters the wide format world.

PPI Graphics announces the addition of wide format printing.

The new flatbed and roll printers are filling a need requested by our customers.

Using the existing graphic design staff as well as our experienced production department the result has been outstanding.

The flatbed is capable of printing 20 4 foot by 8 foot sheets per hour.

Utilizing Raster 6 software we can produce finished work as simple as disposable sign up to art reproductions.

With a bed 82.7 inches wide by 122 inches long and capability of printing media 2 inches thick the possibilities are endless.

The roll printer can print media up to 64 inches wide and with a print speed of 604 feet per hour.

This device also comes with its own plotter so no offline die cutting of custom shapes is required.

Just imagine the possibilities!

For more information please email ppi@kms2000.com